Spend Halcyon Days Here

In the myth of Alycone, Halcyon Days are the seven days in winter when storms never occur.  In popular use it can  mean to harken back to an earlier time and also refers to calm, peaceful days.  My mother once lived in a house called “Halcyon” and remembered it fondly.  In naming our property “Halcyon” it was a way of remembering her.  It was she who inspired my love of gardening.

We have developed the garden through all the drought years and, after many trials and errors, the rewards are evident.  Fortunately the dam never ran dry and at one stage we boasted nearly 300 roses.  (I must have been crazy!) They have nearly all gone except for “Crepescule” across the front of the house and a picking bed of 21 David Austin roses, including “Abraham Derby” and “Jude the Obscure”.  The colour of the garden now relies on foliage, reds, silvers and chartruese.  It has become an autumn garden and has looked particularly stunning this year.

“Halcyon” has been described as an oasis – it adjoins the Muckelford State Forest – the trees at the rear of the property blending seamlessly into the bush.